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About us

Urania Art, established in 2016, is an organization whose goal is to spotlight the arts, culture, cultural heritage and their universal values.

Urania Art is dedicated to the realisation of exhibition, education and animation activities for the wider public, connecting elements of Serbian culture, history and science with those of Europe and the world.

The fundamental principles applied in creating our programs and projects are professionalism, creativity, actuality, respect for standards and adaptability to the various target groups of the public.

Urania Art fosters cooperation and active communication with numerous institutions both in Belgrade, Serbia and on an international level.

The nucleus of Urania Art comprises a group of professionals specialized in the various fields of education, communication, culture and the arts, who have played a key role in successfully realising projects and programmes in Serbia for over two decades and whose expertise has centred on the transfer of knowledge to the public.


It is the perpetual hope of Urania Art that, with the blending of the manifold spheres within the arts, culture and cultural heritage, it can be a source of knowledge as well as an active educational and communicational centre in its domain.


Urania Art aspires to become a centre of multiculturalism, incentive and inspiration for all those interested in the areas of the arts and culture, and thus, a leading artistic hub in Serbia, recognized in regional and European circles.


  • Familiarising the public with the importance and value of the arts, culture and history.
  • Nurturing the public’s desire for artistic and cultural experiences and discovery.
  • Bringing artistic and cultural content to the wider public eye
  • The promotion and interpretation of culture’s potential
  • Recognising the place culture and the arts hold in relation to all other areas of life.


  • Organising Exhibitions
  • Organising Cultural Events
  • Workshops

Project and Programme Themes

  • Antique, Medieval and Modern Civilizations
  • Visual Arts (Painting)
  • Applied Art (Sculpture, Jewellery, Furniture, Fashion)
  • Gastronomy
  • Children’s Stories and their Educational Value
  • Famous Lives – Past and Present

Urania Art brings you an unforgettable experience of exploration and discovery through an exciting, creative and fascinating platform whose highly informative contents will stay with you forever.

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